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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Climate Change Rant

As long as there has been an atmosphere, there has been climate change. Nothing new here.

It is possible that we affect the global climate, but as nature is an "open system" - with at least 22 different climate drivers - it is impossible to assess how much is "our fault".

From the website of H. Leighton Steward:
There are things other than combustion-related carbon dioxide, e.g., changes in land use patterns, such as deforestation (especially in the tropics) and the growth of "urban heat islands", that might affect global weather and climate, but other than on a very local scale, accurate assessments of human contributions may never be possible.

Of these 22 (+/-) climate drivers, some are cyclical, some are random. Some enhance each other (synergy) and some "cancel each other out" (antagonism). Some trigger Positive Feedback Loops, others trigger Negative Feedback Loops. Some are influenced by humans, some are totally natural.

As for the climate driver that gets most of the "blame" - carbon dioxide - it only comprises about 388 ppm of the troposphere (lowest layer of the atmosphere). That is about 4 parts out of every 10,000 (0.038%). And anthropogenic carbon dioxide (mostly from fuel combustion) is dwarfed by natural sources, e.g., volcanoes, hot springs, ocean emissions, animal/bacterial respiration.

Water vapor and clouds are responsible for the lion's share of the Greenhouse Effect, but this fact is too often ignored by those with "an agenda".

Sadly, for 30+ years, this subject has been politicized for the purpose of the concentration of power and money by those associated with the UN. All of this "Sustainability" stuff is largely driven by the overarching desire to control people and their activities.

And it is truly sad that too many Geologists associated with government or academia are caught up in the mantra. And some of these Geologists - that consider themselves to be "independent thinkers" - will allow no dissenting views to be considered.  I have Geologist "friends" that will no longer talk to me and I am most likely excluded from geo-blogging events (or at best barely tolerated) - for my skeptical views.

Bottom line - The Sun is the major controller of the Earth's temperatures and all things related and Water Vapor and Clouds control most of the Greenhouse Effect.

On a side note: My skepticism does not negate my environmental concerns. I recycle - because it makes sense. For 35+ years I have recycled aluminum and other things. Conservation of resources makes sense. Proper disposal of waste just makes sense. Blaming every unusual event on "climate change" does not.

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