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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Socialist Elizabeth Warren - Long Lost Cherokee Princess?...

I don't think so.

From this article and a Facebook post:

"Big deal. Being 1/32nd Cherokee is not unusual for someone from Oklahoma or Georgia or the Carolinas. Our family history suggests that one of my great-great-great grandmothers was Cherokee. Cynthia Harriet Reynolds was from Alabama and married George Bowman Hudlow. Their daughter Paralee married James Lumpkin Heard and their daughter Emma was my paternal-paternal great grandmother.

Was Cynthia 100% or 50% Cherokee? Don't know. I ran across info on the internet that her mother may have been adopted by a white family in Alabama. So I may well be 1/32nd or 1/64th Cherokee - or less. And as other ancestors were in Western North Carolina from the late 1700s, who knows if there might be other ancestors with some Cherokee blood.

Most Americans from long-present familes are "mongrels". Other than making for interesting conversations, it shouldn't be used for any sort of classification purposes. I wouldn't dream of making any sort of claim to hiring preferences, based upon such a thin thread.

But, how much is enough to satisfy those obsessed with group identity, PC quotas, and "social justice"? Anybody with a grain of historical knowledge would know that American Indians got screwed, especially the Southeastern tribes - by Pres. Andrew Jackson. Should Elizabeth Warren qualify as "disadvantaged" as 1/32nd Cherokee. I really don't think so. If she had tangible, proveable evidence of mistreatment of a Cherokee parent or grandparent, then we could talk.

But for the purposes of the upcoming election, we should focus on her being a Socialist, not what group she belongs to."  [Verbatim from Facebook.]

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ran across your comments on Cynthia Reynolds and George Hudlow. Very interesting, since they are my ancestors too and I visited their graves near Dawsonville a few years ago. Also have photos of both. WALLY AVETT
I live at Murphy NC (828)837-5531 or
Thanks, I will get back to you sometime soon.
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