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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Facebook Challenge....

In order to attempt to be as consistent and politically honest as possible, you need to periodically do the "mirror test", i.e., if the actions and policies of Presidents (of a particular party) greatly concern you, do you apply the same standards and concerns to the other major party, i.e., the party which you favor?

If an administration does something hazardous to our freedom, are you willing to step forward and criticize "your" party? If you perceive(d) that a particular administration, e.g., Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 41 and/or Bush 43, did something illegal, immoral, unsustainable,...why would you look the other way if Carter, Clinton, and/or Obama did something identical or very similar?

Same deal with the "control" of the House and Senate. Our nation has been subjected to a decades-long, downhill slide with a gradual loss of freedom and national character and it is by design, not accident. And for those of us concerned about this, we have to be willing to acknowledge that elements of both parties have been responsible and give blame where blame is due.

As for your own political stands and affiliations, have you subjected them to "Critical Thinking", i.e., intense self-examination, as to determine the origins of your political beliefs? Do you have the courage to explore and/or listen to those with whom you disagree? If your political viewpoints have not evolved over the last 20, 30, or 40 years, could you rationally defend your viewpoints - without becoming angry and retreating? Are you willing to taper-off a debate by "agreeing to disagree", while re-examining your "opponent's" rational, well thought-out viewpoints - in the privacy of your home and your own thoughts? Are you willing to concede - privately - that you might not have "thought through" your own opinions?

As for opinions that might have seemed right "at the time", do those opinions "hold up" when subjected to the scrutiny of 20 - 40 years of life experiences? Or observations of human behavior and nature, the ongoing accumulation of new knowledge and wisdom and revisions of thoughts wrought by the different articulated of viewpoints by persons you trust?

In closing...if you fear "right-wing" tyranny, why would you not fear "left-wing" tyranny as well?

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