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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Good Primer on Barack Obama

As has been stated by folks smarter than myself, Barack Obama is the least-known, least-vetted of anyone to ever occupy the Oval Office.

[When time permits, I will post some selected passages from this important American Thinker post.]

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Interview With a Former KGB Agent

I may have posted this one before.  It is important enough for people to watch and commit the agent's words to memory, in case this video is ever scrubbed from YouTube.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Got Beer, Bourbon And Cigars…..Mind If I Join Ya?

Sounds like a plan.

OK, the title is stolen from a "Say Anything" post by writer "pino".  The post describes pino's journey toward Libertarianism.

In the past, I have related the reasons for my journey from Classical Liberal to Conservative/Libertarian.  I may try to link to one or more of them, if the spirit moves me and if time permits.

I just enjoyed the title.  Hard liquor burns my stomach, however I am open to the beer and cigars.  Bourbon barrel-aged ales are a good compromise.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking Rita's Name Off My Cellphone...

Where to start?  A dear, long-time friend died yesterday.  She died in a very public, violent way in a grinding crash that involved five other vehicles.  Maybe we will never know why she ran the red light at that busy intersection.  That intersection (to the locals - Old Peachtree Road and Sugarloaf Parkway) regularly has traffic zipping through at 50 - 55 mph, though the official speed limit is 45.  Was she talking on a cell phone?  Was she thinking about her husband, who had passed away about two months earlier?  Was she rushing to an appointment?  Was she on her way to have lunch with her mom? 

After the initial impact, her truck starting flipping and hit several other vehicles.   Thankfully, no one else was killed, but someone she probably knew through church suffered a broken leg in one of the other vehicles.

I pass through that intersection probably a half dozen times a week.  I will always be haunted whenever I pass through there.

She was the "girl next door", whom I had a crush on - at times - but never had the courage to ask out on a date.  She was born - as was I - in 1954.  Her family moved into the home next to ours in 1963.  A couple hundred feet or so through the pine woods, but still next door.  I was friends with her younger brother Bob, Jr. and her older sister Linda, too.  Bob, Jr. and I made good use of both of our long driveways first with bicycles, then with my go-cart.

Her parents - Bob and Frannie still live in this area and are in their 80's.  I think Linda lives around here and Bob, Jr. lives in Huntsville.  All of them are nice people, never any cross words from them or about them.  I am not sure if Rita actually had a catering business or if she just enjoyed constantly "fixing" cakes, dinner entrees, etc., to deliver to families that had lost a loved one or for public gatherings.  She just loved cooking and giving. 

I looked forward to seeing her as I almost always got a hug from her.  Except for the last time I saw her.  She was serving ice cream at a public gathering at the "town green".  As she was busy, I didn't want to get in the way, so I just exchanged a smile and a wave with her.  Her sister was outside the booth and I got a hug from her, but I thought "another time, I will get a hug from Rita".  I never dreamed,...  I wish I had walked into the booth and gotten my hug.

As much as I admire and love them, how I dread seeing the family at the funeral home.  Words are just so inadequate at this time for them.  Or for me.  My spirit is crushed.

[Update:  I got through the visitation and saw her family.  They are great people, somehow managing to hold things together.  More visitation tomorrow, the funeral Saturday, church on Sunday.  I figure that it will really hit her parents on Monday, when Rita is no longer dropping by their home for her daily visit.

One long-time friend (a little older than me) suggested that we need a "deathless wake", just to get people together, but for a happier event.  Some of us have a 40th high school reunion next year.  Gad.]

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Where Does the Time Go?

Yes, I have been slack about my posting.  My bad.  Will refocus and get back to it.

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