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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Look Back - Before I Drop a Blog from My Blogroll

[Original post date: August 18, 2010. Not the last post for Church of the Masses, but one of the last.]

It is a review of the bloggers thoughts and feelings on 9/11 and some photos. Very thought-provoking photos.

Lest we forget.

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A Look Back - Before I Drop a Blog from My Blogroll...

a quick look back at a discussion (rather a listing) of reasons to be skeptical about whether humans cause "global warming".

[This new "series" will include the final posts from worthy, but inactive blogs before I drop them from my humble Blogroll. I hate zapping useful info and discussions, but in the name of "housecleaning", there is little reason to keep old, inactive blogs on the list.]

[This almost 4 year-old post is the last one on Georgia Conservative]. It seemed like a good listing of concerns that need to be answered and things to be considered before we engage in risky economic behavior.

As an example:

"5. Conservationists have to prove to me that wrecking our economy with restrictions and carbon caps is the only way to stop global warming. I would much rather reduce carbon emissions with technological innovation that self-depravation. Instead of cutting electricity usage, let’s build nuclear plants. Instead of riding a bike, why don’t we build cars that run on hydrogen, which was produced with power from the nuclear power plants we already built."...

From almost four years ago, but still pertinent. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Videos - Stevie Ray Vaughan, "The Sky is Crying", 1987

The camera work is a bit shaky, but the music comes through, just fine.

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Thursday Videos - Another Great Guitar Solo...

from Pink Floyd.

Just in that mood.

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Thursday Videos - A Surprise Guitar Solo by...

(well, ya gotta watch the video to find out.)

I didn't know he had that talent. Pretty cool. Thanks to Two Dogs for posting this on Facebook.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives...

(or one of several).

Just addressing one for right now.

On Facebook, a second cousin posted a comment about what to do if a shark attacks you (or comes menacingly close)...punch it in the nose, as apparently, their noses are sensitive.

In a comment, a first cousin, a retired English professor (very Liberal) from a college in Virginia wrote: "After the attack at Virginia Tech, I talked to my students at _________ about what to do if we were in a similar situation. I told them to fall down and not move--like they should do if they encountered a grizzly bear."

I refrained from commenting on Facebook, but after giving this some thought (right after the Va. Tech shootings and now) I have to say something here.

There is a lot of difference between a grizzly bear and a crazed, evil human (as in the Va. Tech shootings). "Playing dead might work, as it has worked before, with a bear.

In reference to the Va. Tech shooter, at least some of the people shot at VT were passively lined up against a wall. Somehow falling to the floor wouldn't have made any difference, in my opinion. He would have just shot them anyway.

What I told my classes at the time was - Fight back, you might save someone else's life.

If you can see that the shooter is going to slaughter people anyway, despite their being passive, then attack by throwing shoes, cell phones, books, and charging him en masse, all the while screaming and yelling. Charge him and pin him to the wall or the floor. Pin his "gun hand" to the wall or floor. Gouge his eyes, his nose, claw his face, kick his nuts, whatever you have to do to get him "off task". It is unlikely that he could shoot all of the charging people.

In other words, if you think you are going to die, then try to take him with you or at least stop him. You may save one or more other lives. What would you rather your legacy be?

[Yeah, I know it is easy to pontificate from a computer keyboard, but if we think through these scenarios, we might have a plan of action if needed.]

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New Year's Resolutions...Thus Far

Here is the original post. [Bracketed comments are updated for this week. The "Best ones" will be in bold. Actually, last Friday I was gathering with my wife and some friends to celebrate my birthday and didn't update on 1/21 as I should have. 1/14 was the last update for this list.]

Of these, currently status is:

1) Yes, blogging more on this site, but also on Facebook after the Tucson shootings in response to the vile, Leftist attempts to tie this nutcase to Conservative talk radio and Conservative political figures. [Some more blogging on three of my four active blogs.]

2) More or less being good. Haven't fallen off the wagon (as far as sweet tea), but being snowed in helped, as I drink only unsweet tea at home. [About the same.]

3) Stained glass, done some sketches, found tools, etc.. Need to find a source for small quantities of different colors of glass, i.e., "scrap glass". [No progress.]

4) Losing weight, too soon to tell, being snowed in this week didn't help. [The bathroom scale suggests that I have lost a little weight, though I don't trust its accuracy.]

5) Parties and such. Too soon to tell if I have broken this one. Still planning something, maybe for my wife's birthday in April. [Maybe something to celebrate the April 15th release of the movie "Atlas Shrugged".]

6) Wildflower photography. Too early. [Still too early.]

7) Prayers in progress. Need to do more. [Same.]

8) Less Mexican food and/or hot wings. Pretty good progress, so far. [Backslid a bit in terms of my birthday last Saturday.]

9) Some progress on getting organized. Being "cabin bound" with family due to the snow doesn't help with indoor painting projects (bathroom, etc.). [Minor progress.]

10) Confidence to start and finish projects (see #9). [No change.]

11) No french fries or Krispy Kreme doughnuts for month. Among the best successes, so far. [Still no french fries of Krispy Kremes for the month.]

12) Clean in basement (a little) and move air hockey table from den. Too soon for any real progress. [No major change.]

13) No progress yet on finding homes for 1 or 2 of our 3 cats. Got to pay for spaying, first as they are all females. [No changes.]

14) No progress on me cooking more at home, I did get a couple of classes to teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The snow didn't help as I couldn't get to the store. [Did a batch of chili to practice for the upcoming Barnes Class Chili Cookoff.]

15) Taking advantage of the free training courses from the college,...too soon, as we lost a week of classes due to the snow and ice, I am not yet in the "college mindset" this week. [Not yet.]

16) The F-100 truck, too soon for any progress. Partially due to the snow. [No change.]

17) Yard sales, giveaways,...too soon for any progress. [No change.]

18) Blog more on other blogs,...some progress. [Some progress.]

19) Donate more to church, too soon for any progress. [No progress. Bad me.]

20) Fix shower in back bathroom, too soon for any progress. [No change.]

21) Painting the main bathroom,...see snow hinderances, too many folks underfoot. [No change.]

22) Improve BeerAdvocate Beer Karma...some progress, up to 170.52 due to added store locations and store ratings. [Status up to 174.84 due to new brewpub posting and review, etc..]

23) Get wireless router working. Snow prevents anyone from coming here to help me "hook it up". [No change.]

24) No tea parties planned, yet. However, with Herman Cain announcing an exploratory committee for a possible Presidential run. [No changes.]

25) Atlas Shrugged. Haven't been able to get to a local book store. [No changes.]

26) Read two books per month. Not yet, still possible for the month. [Yes, read two books since 1/14/11. "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom and John and Elizabeth Sherrill and George Orwell's "1984".]

27) Pawn Shop visit. Snow issues. [No changes.]

28) Rain and snow are not good for clearing leaves from the roof and yard. [Got part of backside of roof done.]

29) Too early for outdoor painting. [No changes.]

30) Rain and snow not good for xeriscaping. [No changes.]

31) Same as #30 on the backyard cleanup. [No changes.]

It is hard to put a "letter grade" on this, partially due to the ice/snow event over the last few days. Maybe a C+ in that I haven't given up on anything. [Maybe still a C+ until I make progress on another resolution or two.]

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 76th Birthday to the Beer Can

On January 24th, 1935 in Richmond, Virginia, G. Krueger Brewing Co., of Newark, NJ rolled out a bold experiment. The beer can. Krueger debuted two brands in cans, Krueger Special Beer and Krueger Cream Ale. They chose the Richmond, VA area because it was far enough from their "home turf" that if the cans were failure, it would do less harm. It turned out that they worries were unfounded as the cans were a resounding success of American ingenuity.

More to follow...



Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Reminder...geosciblog - science

If you are visiting here in search of science posts, please visit my new blog, geosciblog - science.

As a reminder, this was done to try to keep the new blog science-focused with almost no politics (it is impossible to keep it 100% politics free).

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fairness Doctrine - During and After

The Fairness Doctrine was in existence between 1949 and 1987. There were no national conservative talk shows at that time. Rush Limbaugh started in August 1988.

During that time, the following high-profile persons were either shot at, wounded, or killed by shootings.

(et al means that others were wounded and/or killed during the event. Not including their names is not to demean the importance of their wounds or death, it is just for the sake of brevity).

John F. Kennedy, et al - Leftist shooter
Robert F. Kennedy - Leftist shooter
Martin Luther King - Bigot/racist shooter
Alberta King, et al - Nutcase
George Wallace - Nutcase
Gerald Ford - 1 Nutcase/1 Leftist shooter
Ronald Reagan, et al - Nutcase
George Moscone/Harvey Milk - Nutcase/marginally conservative shooter
John Lennon - Nutcase
Malcolm X - Leftist/Black Muslim shooter
Medger Evers - Bigot/racist shooter
James Chaney/Andrew Goodman/Michael Schwerner (3 Mississippi civil rights workers)/Viola Liuzzo - Bigot/racist shooters
Vernon Jordan - Bigot/racist shooter
Larry Flynt, et al Bigot/racist/nutcase shooter

Since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine:

Gabrielle Giffords, et al - Nutcase

Talk radio provides common citizens a way to interact in political discussions on a national scale, when they call into talk shows. Not all caller can get in to popular shows, but being articulate - even if you disagree with the host - will help you get on the air. These are common Americans exchanging ideas and engaging in public debate and education. Those on "the fringe" will be (and have been) winnowed-out as listeners will tire (or have tired) of the fringe elements, i.e., fringe broadcasters don't get radio stations by the dozens and hundreds to pick them up.

Most of the above-shooters were apolitical, Left-Wing, or outright racist/bigoted (not part of any organized mainstream conservative group - because that is not what we are about).

The Left has a bigger agenda and they are simply acting as Opportunists to try to shut down free speech, first talk radio, then the internet, seizing on any crisis event, as their arguments cannot be sustained in civil debates.

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For Any Visitors...

The previously-posted NASCAR videos were included because: 1) The Falcons were not on TV and 2) I was in a NASCAR mood.

It will be a few weeks before the start of the Daytona Speedweeks.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

NASCAR Video - Mike Harmon Crash at Bristol

Even more amazing that the Michael Waltrip crash at Bristol, was this one, in that another car crashed into the wreckage, yet you can see the driver emerge from what was left of the car.



NASCAR Videos - Michael Waltrip 1990 Crash at Bristol

This wreck happened during the Saturday Nationwide Series (nee' Busch Series) race. It is amazing that he was only slightly injured.



NASCAR Video - Wendell Scott

Just in a NASCAR mood. Wendell Scott was the first black full-time NASCAR driver. Always bedeviled by not having enough money, he made a go of it, actually winning a 100-mile race at Jacksonville, FL in late 1963 (it is listed as the first race of the 1964 season).

The Richard Pryor movie "Greased Lightning" was loosely-based upon Wendell's "adventures" in the Jim Crow South.

His career essentially ended in a horrendous crash at Talladega in 1973. Aside from numerous injuries, he had borrowed so much money to field a decent car, it put him in debt to lose the car only 8 laps into the race. He died of cancer in 1999.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

NASCAR Video - 1959 Daytona 500

It is still hard to believe that they ran the first Daytona 500 with NO CAUTION FLAGS, i.e., no crashes nor messy blown engines on the track.

If you listen to the commentary, you will learn that Richard Petty drove an Oldsmobile convertible, but dropped out early, while his dad Lee went on to win in a photo finish.



NASCAR Video - the 1975 Daytona 500 and 1976 Daytona 500

I know, the Daytona 500 is still a few weeks away, but I can't help it. [I am just trying to distact myself from today's tragic events in Tucson.]

I was in the infield for this particular race. As far as I can remember, this was the only time I ever got to see A.J. Foyt race. As you can see, he ran well, but his engine blew late in the race. Richard Petty had the fastest car on the track, but had a leaky radiator. Marty Robbins was involved in the 4th lap crash.

BTW, winner Benny Parsons started BEHIND 8 of the 9 cars involved in the early crash, because despite his good qualifying speed, he didn't finish his qualifying race and had to start 31st or 32nd.

As for the 1976 Daytona 500, it was quite a finish.

BTW, in their careers, Richard Petty and David Pearson finished 1-2 61 times. On the big superspeedways, Pearson had a slight edge, while on the smaller raceways, Richard was king.



Friday, January 07, 2011

Random Videos - Pancho and Lefty

Don't know why, but this song is on my mind. It is my favorite Willie Nelson song.


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

What He Should Have Done...

Dude! You wanted the job, spending the bulk of your time in Washington just sort of comes with the territory.

If Barack Obama had foregone the 2008 elections and spent the next 4 - 8 years traveling the country, getting to know Middle America (while maturing as a U.S. Senator), connecting with the American people would be so much easier. But I guess his handlers didn't have that in mind. Or maybe he didn't either.

It ain't as easy as it looks, is it?

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Somebody Doesn't Seem to Understand the Concepts of Timeless Legacies

Ezra Klein - "Valley Boy"? The Constitution is so old!

This Geologist, with the rock-filled head has no trouble understanding the U.S. Constitution.

It speaks volumes that this supposed Political Science grad can't.

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This Makes No Sense, At All

A Salon Journalist...Bush book sold so well because he was hated by so many people.

Why would you even spend money on someone you hated? And I didn't think Libs were supposed to hate.

If I wish to read someone with whom I disagree, I wait to find the book in a library or a used book store, so the money doesn't go into their pocket.

Deep denial makes folks do strange stuff, doesn't it?

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This Year, I Resolve...Heh, heh

In no particular order...

1) To blog more, posting political stuff here, so my Liberal cousins' ears won't bleed on Facebook. Or maybe not.

2) To have McDonald's sweet tea only twice a week, unless I have to drive long distances. At home I always have unsweetened tea, as I don't want to know how much sugar is in sweet tea.

3) To get back into doing stained glass, which I haven't done in 25 or so years.

4) To lose weight...Honestly.

5) To host more social events at my home, beer tastings, parties, etc..

6) To photograph more wildflowers.

7) To pray more, for myself and for those Liberal cousins that haven't changed their views in 40 years.

8) To have Mexican food or hot wings only once a week. This will be tough.

9) To get my life more organized. Being disorganized costs $$$$$.

10) To have the confidence to dive into those needed home projects and the persistence to get them finished. I have the skills, but sometimes lack the confidence. Well, not for anything electrical, but for glasswork, light plumbing, woodwork,...

11) To have zero french fries or Krispy Kreme doughnuts for January and only once per month afterward.

12) Get my basement cleaned out, move the air hockey table either to the basement or to the extra bedroom.

13) Find a home for one of our 3 cats. I like cats, but we don't need 3 of them.

14) To cook at home more. As I am not teaching this next semester, I won't be using several hours a week to drive to and from the campus.

15) To take some free training courses offered by the college.

16) To do something with the 1978 Ford F-100 truck sitting in my driveway. Sell it, fix it, whatever...

17) To have a yard sale, or at least put some stuff out at the street labeled "Free" for folks to haul away. And to call the Kidney Fund to come pick up the unsold yard sale stuff, so I don't have to cart it back to the garage/basement. Not selling much stuff is not the worst part of a slow yard sale. It is having to haul the junk back inside afterward.

18) Blog more on my other blogs, too.

19) Donate more to our church.

20) Fix the leaky shower valves in our back bathroom and reconnect the pipes (the disconnection was an emergency move).

21) Paint the main bathroom. Get rid of the larger mirror, replace with a smaller mirror.

22) Improve my Beer Karma on Beer Advocate, currently it is 165.6. Will explain that another time.

23) Get the wireless router working, however necessary.

24) Participate in at least one Tea Party event.

25) Read "Atlas Shrugged". I got a head start by reading the Cliff Notes version. Yeah, it is cheating of a sort, but I will understand the characters, etc., when I dive into this daunting book.

26) Try to read two books per month, at least.

27) Check out the local pawn shop for a used chainsaw.

28) Clear front yard of all fallen oak leaves by the end of January.

29) Repaint shutters when the weather warms.

30) Expand xeriscaping in front yard. Repair rock walls.

31) Do some backyard landscaping. Clean up wildflower garden to prepare for spring.

[More to come, as time permits today.]

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