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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just a Quick Explanation of the Name Change

I decided to "split off" a new blog "geosciblog - science" that will focus on science with very little other stuff (politics, beer, personal musings,...).

I am copying the old science posts (the ones without the politics) to the new blog and when I post science-related subjects on the new blog, I will post them here, too. Along with my usual political rants, occasional videos and stuff.

It seems that other "geobloggers" avoided my site because they didn't agree with my politics and because I didn't post enough geology vs. other stuff.

Also, the new blog is more appropriate for my students. I try to be subtle about my politics in class, as it appropriate. Continual praise for the "free market" system is the primary "giveaway" and some of the older students and the conservative students figure it out. Also on my college website, I have a link to this blog, but only the most inquisitive will find it. I have a "college blog" for class-related notes and science-related news stories.

For the near-term, most of the things posted at the new blog will be copied, old posts from this one. I put the time and effort into the posts, I want someone else to maybe read them.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Game-Changer or More Importantly, a Life-Changer

We just found out last night that my 78 year-old father in-law is having surgery next Tuesday to take out a cancerous "mass" on (or near) his intestines. Up until now, he and my mother in-law have been well, except for minor health issues. [And yes, in contrast to all of the stereotypes, I get along well with my in-laws.] I think they have good insurance and savings (though I am sure those savings have been eroded in the last few years).

Having lost my Dad 30 years ago and my Mom 10 years ago, I always knew that has to happen to everyone, sooner or later. If you live a distance away from your parent(s), you are going to get "that phone call". It is just life. It still doesn't make it any easier. You are just sort of prepared, in some fashion.

Nothing will be known about a prognosis until after the surgery. In the meantime, it is worry and prayers.

If Obamacare had been fully-implemented, it is likely that a "death panel" (that Paul Krugman now admits to) would decide that it was better to consign my father in-law to drugs and hospice, rather than the expense of surgery, despite their being able to pay for it. As it is now, if insurance is available, but they won't pay for it, personal savings can be used and/or donations can be sought. But when the government controls it all, alternatives cannot be allowed, as everyone doesn't have those alternatives available. In their Marxist view, if everyone can't have it, no one can (except the Ruling Class - funny how that works).

It wouldn't matter to the death panel that my in-laws started off in a humble fashion and worked their way up-the-ladder. It wouldn't matter that my father in-law almost literally started in the mailroom of a prominent energy company (a post-Korean War Navy vet, without a college degree) and worked his way up, through accounting positions, through extra jobs and correspondence courses to a high-level management position. After the last of their three kids were in school, my mother in-law worked for years as a dental assistant. In their government-Marxist eyes, it isn't fair, so he (they) must be denied their earned advantage. Thankfully, they haven't gotten their way, yet.

So we may face a dilemma in the short term, if the prognosis is not good. Do we go back to Oklahoma for Christmas so my wife can spend a little more time with her Dad or do we go visit our daughter's family (and all-important grandson)? We were just there for Thanksgiving.

This hasn't even come up as a possibility (in conversation), I guess I am just considering near-future scenarios. Just in case.

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Thursday Videos on Friday...

'cause this one was just posted this morning. Liberalism in 120 seconds or Why Libs Hate Sarah Palin so.

Over at The Blaze, one of the threads dealt with an upcoming (I think) episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, in which one of Kate Gosselin's kids tore the tongue out of Sarah Palin's real bearskin rug. In the string of comments a few of the people mentioned loving Sarah Palin, but being a bit put-off by her voice, which I can kind of see. But I am willing to overlook that.

As for the bearskin rug, I would never have that sort of monstrosity on my floor. Though not a hunter myself, I have close family members that hunt and I have eaten bear before, but stuffed animals and bearskin rugs are just a bit creepy to me, for some unknown reason. I would be more concerned about falling over the damn head of the bearskin rug. I would need a lot of floor space to be able to walk around the durn thing, if I had one.

So, aside from the voice thing, Libs hate Sarah because; 1) She is happy; 2) Married with 5 kids; 3) Made a difficult decision with carrying a Down Syndrome baby to term; 4) She is confident; 5) She wears her Christian faith and her political viewpoints on her sleave; 6) She knows how to be self-sufficient; 7) She is attractive;..., She highlights the short-comings of many Libs. And rather than fix themselves (or come to grips with their short-comings), it is easier for them to hate her.

Or in the words of a Country-Western song about a woman hating a hyper-successful "superwoman", "I'll think of a reason later,..."

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

On the Anniversary of John Lennon's Death...

and afterward, Facebook is awash with tributes to John Lennon from liberal (and not-so-liberal) friends and relatives. That is OK, but when they ooh and aah about "Imagine" and how it is their favorite song, I want to holler at them...

It is a freaking Socialist Anthem that promotes Atheism. Let's see, mixing Socialism and Atheism in the 20th Century...How did that work out? Only about a 100,000,000 people dead, maybe a few more.

But then I would be the "skunk at the dinner party who peed on their parade" (or something like that). In some private situations, I do ask them to listen to the words more carefully and consider their meanings. Sometimes there is a look of epiphany and sometimes there isn't.

Ya gotta try.

Yeah, it would be interesting to know what John Lennon would have been at age 70. Would he have morphed into a conservative? I do recall that he and Yoko made a donation towards buying a number of bullet-proof vests for NYC police. There is a bit of coherent thought in that action.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Protege of George Soros?

The Minnesota Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie (reportedly part of the George Soros-funded Secretary of State program aka SOS - how apt!), is being revealed to be a non-party "friend" of the Communist Party USA.

As one might expect in public, Mark Ritchie is not pleased with the revelation. Hopefully, the voters of Minnesota won't be, either.

Click on the high-lighted title for more...

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Book Reading...

is something none of us (probably) do as much as we should. Three years ago, I tried to do what President George W. Bush did, read one book per week. I managed 8 books in 6 weeks, then the realities of work and family crept back into my schedule.

I have tried to pick back up the pace of reading this year, with mixed success.

I have finished (this year) thusfar:

The Overton Window
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Into the Wild
The 5,000 Year Leap
Driving With the Devil
Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White
One Second After

I started (but got busy and had to return to the library):

Liberal Fascism
Lincoln's Melancholy

I am still reading:

The Manchurian President

I suppose it will be a minor victory if I finish 10 books this year.

I will try to do better, next year. Honest.

I may come back and add the authors and ISBN Numbers of these. Honest.

I read everyday, I write (in some fashion) everyday...on Facebook, on my work database, on BeerAdvocate, on my lecture Power Point presentations. Honest.



Contrary to Liberal Lies...

there never has been a GOP war on the Middle Class, nor will there ever be. From this link from The Blaze:

He either got off-script/off-Teleprompter or he is simply lying. When Republicans propose tax cuts (or in this case, the extension of existing tax rates) EVERY INCOME-TAX PAYING AMERICAN GETS A CUT (OR KEEPS THE STATUS QUO).

Same deal with Ed Schultz, is he lying or that stupid? Most millionaires in this country fall under the definitions (or descriptions) within the book "The Millionaire Next Door", mostly first-generation, not far-separated from a Middle Class existence AND THEY EMPLOY THE MIDDLE CLASS.

Many of the very policies favored by the Left will harm the Middle Class, such as Barack Obama's statement about "the cost of electricity will necessarily skyrocket" (slight paraphrasing) in order to fight the Global Warming phantom. Or other policies/regulation changes that will presently (or in the future) restrict oil and natural gas supplies, how well will the Middle Class cope with energy bills $200, $300,...more per month than the present? And all for no good reason.

Gradually, more and more Americans will come to realize the extent and gravity of the lies and will take action in future elections (and with legislation beginning in the new year).

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

December 7th, Lest We Forget...

we need to keep renewing our acquired memories of the events of the Pearl Harbor attack, 69 years ago.

This link is just the beginning. I will add some more through the afternoon and evening.

With the last of the WWII vets fading away, it is up to our generation to remember the stories to pass along. Once we become "detached" from history for a generation or two, that which is lost may never be recovered.

More later, beckons. [Still plan to add some more links.]

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Tuesday Videos: A Great SNL Video

Anyone that has spent time studying Ronald Reagan, before his presidency, knows that there was a great deal more "there" than the MSM would ever give him credit for. And he had the class not to make an issue of their prevarications.

Remember, for satire to be funny, there has to be an element of truth in it, so says Rush Limbaugh.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Bad, My Bad

I apologize to my faithful reader. I will get back online soon. December will be better than November. Just been busy with the upcoming end-of-semester, etc..

I have been playing on Facebook too much, sometimes making Libs ears bleed.

And I have been neglecting my beer can blog too much.

Bad, bad, bad.

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