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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday Videos: An Amusing Look at the Future

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Tuesday Videos: A Little Fun at the Rally for "Sanity"

I am sure that a satire-minded videographer could find some material at a Tea Party rally, so we all need to make sure we are on our best behavior when approached by anyone with a camcorder. Rather than appearing as a "deer in headlights", it might be best to plead "I am still making up my mind on that one."

I just hope the loud woman in orange is voting tomorrow.

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Tuesday Videos: Just a Reminder of the Kind of Change We Need Today

Courtney "Pete" Stark, of the 13th District of California is one example of a politician who has been if office way too long (18 terms). The lady in the video clearly knows more (and cares more) about the Constitution, than does Pete Stark. The most important moment comes about 2:55 in the video, when he admits the government can do most anything it wants (a slight paraphrasing). In other YouTube videos, he has shown a mocking attitude towards his constituents (and citizens in general).

It is time to retire him to his comfortable pension. If this was a RINO Republican, I would be of the same opinion.

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