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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Favorite Geophotos for the Accretionary Wedge

Within my geophoto database, the photos that are among my favorites include those from the Eagle Mts. (Hudspeth County, Texas). [The second photo was labeled for classroom Power Point presentations.]

The Eagle Mts. (an Oligocene caldera) were the site of my original-intended Master's Thesis work, during the summer of 1978. The 1st photo here was taken from the East Mill area, where we camped while we mapped the southeastern portion of the mountains. In the near foreground is a portion of Wyche Ridge, composed of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks, forming part of the margin of the caldera.

Eagle Flat is in the middleground and the Carrizo Mountains are in the background (and maybe the Beech Mountains and/or the Sierra Diablo in the far background, too). Alamo Springs may be visible from this location, also.

This was one of the few close-up photos of the pyroclastic textures that I took that summer. I guess I planned to get more in future trips, but I got "distracted" by events in my personal life and never finished this project. (I did start another thesis project in 1985 in the Aden Volcanic Field). I would, love the opportunity to take my son 4-wheeling back in the Eagle Mts., - maybe someday. To enjoy the quiet and get a few more photos and maybe find that rock hammer that I lost.

Here is a longer version of this post, with many more photos, the result of my wandering down memory lane.

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