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Friday, December 21, 2007

Why Modern Liberals Ain't - What Are They Afraid of?

The presence of Mitt Romney in the Presidential race is pleasing, if for no other reason that he is not afraid to mention the words "Jesus" and "savior" in public, which sends Libs into tizzies and hissy fits and even a few into blind panic.

How can any mature, thinking adult believe that the United States is destined to become a Christian Theocracy? [Oh, that's right, we are talking about Libs here.] I was a little concerned about that when I was a Classical Lib, but I matured and evolved.

Are they really afraid of an unlikely Christian Theocracy?

Or are they really afraid of being proven wrong?

Deep down in their hearts, some of these Libs know they are on the wrong side of the cultural war, but they are afraid to take the slings and arrows that are associated with speaking out in favor of traditional values and common sense. Are they so shallow as to totally fear evolving into a more mature state? Are they so shallow as to fear admitting that they were wrong about something?

So while you are in a gift-giving mood, give a Liberal a hissy fit by saying "Merry Christmas" and reminding people of "the reason for the season".

And if they say they are offended, just politely ask them how they can justify being so intolerant (being easily offended is a sure sign of intolerance and we can't have that, can we?).

Merry Christmas, ya'll.

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Went down to Tulsa yesterday and people there haven't had electricity for over a week. I had a clerk say that all she wanted for Christmas was electricity. After hearing some of those stories I went around with a spring in my step and wished people Merry Christmas. I didn't hear anyone say bad things about the greeting. I guess you have to have it a little tough now and then to appreciate just how sweet we have it. MUD
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